Honeycomb Cushion Lock Packing Supply



More Fun For The Planet: Bubble cushioning wrap sheets are fun for popping bubbles. But FSC Cert honeycomb packing is equally fun, and more fun for our earth! Just stretch it into the honeycomb shape and wrap! It conforms to odd shaped items and lets you wrap as many times as you like, guilt free! As a result, you can create your preferred thickness of cushion knowing your items and planet are safe.

60% More Length For Craft Lovers: If you love selling small things online or making cute gifts for loved ones, you’ll love knowing our extra-wide honeycomb paper cushioning wrap stretches from 164 feet all the way to 262 feet! So you get 60% more length from Ecoducer honeycomb wrapping paper rolls. We also include 100ft jute twine roll to match your eco, natural, organic, boho, or farmhouse theme.

Wider Rolls (15”): As soon as you begin to stretch your paper honeycomb it naturally becomes longer and thinner. And so, instead of 12”, we created extra-wide 15” rolls. And while it won’t eliminate the width shrink entirely, Ecoducer honeycomb cushioning paper gives you 3” more width than others, so you can wrap bigger items, while layering up guilt free to your perfect level of cushion.

Easier For Wrapping Lots Of Things: Instead of fussing with scissors and tape, you can simply tear your hexcel-pattern wrap from the roll and then twist it, or squish gently to “seal” your item. It saves you time and lets you wrap those awkward items without yards of sticky tape. Your honeycomb wrap roll also comes with 100 feet of twine and 48 Fragile Moving Labels for even more wrapping options.

Feels Good To Wrap! Now, instead of watching endless trails of plastic, you get to wrap each thing with a sustainable, recyclable product that can also go back to earth! Not to mention, it looks more bespoke and classier than plastic, wouldn’t you say? Also comes with 1-year warranty if you find any part of your roll isn’t up to standard. So why not give it a try and make a switch to Ecoducer.


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