Back & Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion



Memory Foam Seat Cushion! Back and Tailbone Pain Relief!

  • We provide high quality seat cushions made of 100% pure memory foam without additives. Soft but firm, they provide effective relief for butt pressure associated with long sitting periods.

  • These office chair cushions have anti-slip rubber bottoms, a side handle for easy carrying, a machine washable zipper velvet cover for ease of maintenance.

  • Designed for car seats, this U-shaped cushion relieves pressure on the spine, reducing pressure on the tailbone and promoting good posture.

  • Multipurpose Desk Chair Cushion: We have coccyx seat cushions that fit many seats on most occasions, including office chairs, car seats, desk chairs, airplane seats, outdoor chairs, and wheelchair seats.

  • With humanized designs, this memory foam butt pillow includes two layers of linings to prevent it from discoloring or slipping off the seat. It is also equipped with an anti slip base to secure it to the seat well.

  • With this cushion for office chairs, you can take advantage of your own body heat to adjust it to your curves. It will provide you with the lower back support that your current office chair lacks.

  • No need to worry about the pillow flattening after sitting on it for a long time. As soon as you use this chair pad, the premium memory foam quickly rebounds, always regaining its shape


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